Silverworks Reviews

 OPTION 1 - Leave a review on our website

1. On our website, head over to the product you purchased.
2. Scroll down a bit until you see the "write a review" button.
3. Click the button and fill out the information needed.

4. Write your review and upload a photo of the product the proceed to submit.                                                                                                                 

A gift card will be sent through your registered e-mail or mobile number on our website.

NOTE: You are only eligible to get the voucher if your review has a photo.

OPTION 2 - Tag us on your social media review post

1. Post a photo of your purchased product on your FB or IG
2. Leave your review on the caption along with the hashtag #SilverWorksPH
3. Don't forget to tag us @silverworksphil

4. Make sure your post is in public so we can see. 😀                                   

We will reach out via FB messenger or IG DM to get your info, then send the gift card via e-mail or mobile number.

NOTEYou are only eligible to get the voucher if your post has a photo and shared in public.


Once your review has been submitted and has been assessed on our end, you will receive an email / text message containing the link that will lead to the code.

NOTE: The gift card is redeemable and applicable for one month only, starting from the receipt date.