• Chic Staples and Hacks to Complete Your 'Fit

    ‘Fit check: the effortlessly chic look is all the rage these days. Casual and chill, yet smart and elegant vibes, are trending all over social media, with the “clean girl” and “vanilla girl” aesthetic going viral, and influencers joining the bandwagon. Achieving cool babe vibes is easy, thanks to a few accessorizing hacks and staples. We round them up here. 
  • Nothing Can Dull Her Sparkle: 5 Ways She Keeps It On

    Life happens, and things may or may not go her way, but a woman always keeps her sparkle on. Yes, she may feel down when faced with work, personal and relationship hurdles, but she never stays down. She picks herself up, and keeps sparkling, in more ways than one. Here are 5 ways she does it, and how YOU can do it.
  • Fab in Florals: 5 Flower Jewelries for a Feisty Queen

    Jewelries are a woman’s fashion must-have. Throw them on, and they can change your entire vibe. Floral-themed accessories easily complement any aesthetic by lending a romantic, feminine touch to your getup. Even as a feisty, tough-as-nails kind of gal, you can count on flower designs to soften any look, and even any mood.