Is Worth-Life Balance the New Work-Life Balance?

Work-life balance has been the buzzword for young professionals for well over a decade or two now. It’s the dream: hustle hard to earn a living and afford to indulge, while still having enough physical, mental and emotional energy to enjoy one’s personal life. With gen-z and millennial professionals craving for flexible work hours and being vocal about their worth in the workplace, however, worth-life balance seems to be a budding concept. 

It started with a skit from content creator, Macoy Dubs, in the character of the cool CEO, Lisa B. Free lunches, HMO, and 2-year leave credits? She got you. Lisa B. is a relatable lady boss who understands that while employees are hired to get things done, the workplace and who’s in control should support them to make it so. 

It’s not about being in the office from 9-5, or typing away on the keyboard, trying to look busy. It’s also definitely not about taking calls past work hours and bending over backwards just to accommodate “urgent” demands that have not been communicated within a reasonable timeframe. 

So, what is worth-life balance? Though there is yet to be a formal definition of what it truly is, we think that, beyond the daily grind called work, it’s how your current workplace and setup value and support you, enabling you to perform your best and live your personal life to the full. It’s a give and take between employees and employers, which is how it should be in the first place, anyway. 

This Labor Day, we hope your worth-life balance game is strong, because work is playing fair. You deserve that, and more.