SilverWorks Services

All services listed below are available for both SilverWorks and non-SilverWorks items. Kindly note that there will be a difference in price for SilverWorks and non-SilverWorks pieces. 

 Earlobe Piercing with earrings and aftercare ear gel - 2 shots ₱ 450
Cartilage piercing with earrings and aftercare ear gel - 1 shot ₱ 550


Register your SilverWorks items at our E-Cleaning Registration here. Prices may vary depending on product size.

SilverWorks Items Registered in E-Cleaning FREE
SilverWorks Items not Registered in E-Cleaning Starts at ₱150
Non-SilverWorks Items Starts at ₱300


See more details HERE 

SilverWorks Items  350
Non-SilverWorks Items Starts at  700