She MOTHERED: What It Means and Why We’re Convinced It's an Ode to MOM

She MOTHERED. We say this when our favorite celeb, power woman, or in general, any of the top ladies in our life, slays in terms of looks and vibe. When a woman is obviously in her element and peak confidence, she MOTHERS. So, put simply, when a woman is at her best, no matter what life stage she’s in, she MOTHERS. 

Judging by the choice of word, it already names the inspiration behind it. MOTHER. With all that she is and all that she’s done, it’s no question that this expression is an ode to her. Let’s see how so.

X (Twitter) Origins

Coming from the phrase “Mother Is Mothering”, which fans of Taylor Swift and other pop female artists use as a form of praise for the artist's work, this is slaying on another level. Literal and figurative maternal figures also take womanhood to another level through nurturing, birthing and just overall inspiring greatness, by setting that standard and example to others. 

Mother = Birth 

She brings beings and experiences to life, literally and otherwise. That alone is a feat. There’s a reason we refer to Earth and Nature as “mother”, and this is precisely why. 

Mother = Nurture

She is not just the moment, but the entire experience. She epitomizes care, raises people and lifts spirits like no other.

Mother = Inspire

What she creates, people want to emulate. She is that type of woman who not only slays hard, but inspires so much so that she MOTHERS. 

We don’t think you need any more convincing that this new catchphrase is an ode to MOTHERS, and pretty much all women who MOTHER. Enough said.