SilverWorks Ear Piercing: Clean, Safe and Virtually Pain-free

SilverWorks offers the latest in ear piercing technology. Enjoy quick, light and virtually pain-free piercing that lets you dress up and bling out your ears in no time. 

Light and Painless

Sterile piercing instrument made from 14K gold ensures a sanitized and painless process that’s safe for the most sensitive skin. 

Style After Piercing 

A wide array of fashionable earrings made from sterling silver, surgical stainless steel and 14k gold available for customers to choose from. 

Quality Care Before, During and After

Precautions observed and provided before, during and after. Piercing comes with an after care kit. 

Ready, Set, Pierce. 

Before Piercing

  • Ensure customer safety by asking about their health conditions, specifically, diabetes and skin allergies. It’s important to take these into account as they entail a lengthier healing process. SilverWorks professional ear piercers decline to pierce if the customer has these conditions. 
  • Prepare the piercing instrument and practice proper sanitation. SilverWorks staff must wear gloves throughout the procedure. 
  • Assist the customer in choosing their earrings. For sensitive skin, 14k gold earrings are ideal. They also work best for cartilage piercing. 
  • Ensure and secure the customer’s consent by having them complete the liability form before piercing.

During Piercing

  • Mark the customer’s desired spot, and have them check by looking in the mirror before piercing. 
  • Make sure to have the piercing kit nearby to keep the pierced area sanitized. 
  • Put the chosen earrings in immediately. 

After Piercing


  • Keep your piercing clean and dry.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your ears or earrings.
  • Cleanse your piercing site 3x daily using Saline Solution. (Rock salt with warm water)
  • Cleanse immediately after swimming or exercising.
  • Exercise caution while brushing your hair, removing clothing, or participating in sports.
  • For the first 6 months after your piercing heals, do protect your piercing by wearing light stud style earrings.


  • Do NOT remove your earrings during the healing period.
  • Do NOT toy with your earrings too much- the less you touch with your piercing, the faster it will heal.
  • Do NOT wear turtlenecks or tight-neck shirts until your piercings have healed.
  • Do NOT forget to cleanse your ears immediately after using hair products or perfume. This will help you avoid product build up and irritation.
  • Do NOT forget about your newly-pierced ears during ordinary daily activities.  Avoid bumping your ears when changing clothes, putting on your glasses, using your phone, or styling your hair. 
  • Do NOT wear heavy earrings for 6 months to a year after your piercing has healed.