4 Tips to Plan a Mini Summer Escapade

Summer is all about the vibe. No matter where your feet take you, whether to the shores or even just to that aesthetic neighborhood cafe, a well-planned summer getaway makes the season one for the books. Don’t know how to get started in setting up your escapade? Here are 4 tips for you. 

Define “Mini Escapade” 

It’s about narrowing down what your mini escapade consists of in terms of venue, activities and budget. If “mini” means just near and far enough from your Metro Manila home, then attractions accessible via a quick commute or half an hour to an hour-long drive are ideal. As summer is all about the vibe, pick out the most IG-worthy spots that pack on the most fun. 

Once you’ve shortlisted your destinations, go a-surfing for the best deals to book your visit/s. 

Time It Well

Time the planning and the visit as early as 1-2 months. Although spontaneity very well adds to the fun of it all, time gives you the leeway to save up and really consider what you want to experience during your getaway. Will it be too people-y then? Will the passes be more expensive? 

If you’re looking to book via apps, they typically have monthly discount offers and a considerably long validity period. Another thing to consider is walk-in versus pre-booked price. So start browsing and bookmarking to really plan your getaways through. 

Leave Space for Detours

Thorough planning and detours don’t seem to go together, but hear us out on this: everything is a balance of doing your best with what you can control and being open to the unexpected. Yes, everything, including a mini escape.

En route to the amusement park, you may want to stop over some place you haven’t explored in the metro. Leave room in your itinerary for spontaneous stopovers like this; it definitely adds something special to your trip. 

Pick Your Looks 

Dress for comfort and for the ‘gram, because pics or else it did not happen. It’s time for your tank tops, sundresses, shorts, eyewear and bright, colorful accessories to take center stage. 

This is also the best time to be adventurous with your hairstyle; bleach, braid, color and cut to your heart’s content; everything to get you to that vibe you’re going for.

Here’s to an amazing summer mini getaway. Now, get started with putting your little adventure together. Have a blast!