Love is in the Air

The smell of the air is sweater this time of the year. Dozens of chocolates, enormous stuffed toys, and the aroma of flowers filling the place. Couples also start looking for the perfect date place for that most important date of the year.


Valentine’s Day is the second biggest season for gifting next to Christmas. Everyone is caught up thinking of the right gift for their partner, mostly led by men. According to a study from, 62% of men spend for their partners on Valentine’s Day versus 45% of women. Their spending is split between 9% clothing, 10% flowers, 19% perfect date place / restaurant, and 24% on jewellery items.


SilverWorks, a leading local silver retail chain is celebrating the love month with their Love is in the Air campaign featuring a collection of dual designed necklaces with the sheen of rose gold.


At first glance, it’s just a typical wing designed necklace, but when you open up the wings, a heart shape pendant in rose gold plating will surprise you. To make things sweeter & more memorable, a name or your photo can be engraved on the pendant. And for those who are planning to start the millennium with a life changing event in their relationship, SilverWorks’ is bringing back their Premium Engagement Collection, a 14 Karat Gold and Diamond Premium Engagement rings.


These timeless pieces are perfect on your journey to forever. This season is meant to be shared, expressed and felt. Spread hearts and sparks everywhere, because this coming Valentine’s Day, Love is in the Air.