To The Woman You Are: Celebrate You With These Jewelry Pieces

Ah, March. If you get a peso for every social post you see reminding you that this is Women’s Month, your pockets will be a bit fuller. Now, we don’t want to be just another brand riding on the Women’s Month train, but, we just can’t resist chiming in. Especially as this is the perfect time to celebrate you, with you. 

SilverWorks has been around for over 30 years, and nothing excites us more than celebrating in style. Here are our picks for the occasion, for the woman you are. 

The Queen

Every woman is a queen in her own way. The queen we’re talking about here, however, is one who’s a little bit more extra, while still keeping it polished and low-key. Think old money and clean girl aesthetic–luxurious yet never over the top. 

We think timeless gold pieces are the way to go to achieve this vibe. Gold at SilverWorks? Yep, we got it. Take your pick from these beauties: 


Heart Earrings

Dolphin Earrings

The Fashionista 

Bring out that inner style star in your party and everyday looks. Pieces that scream trendsetter are key to putting the spotlight on your fashionista self– statement yet wearable, suitable for everyday and special occasion looks. Check out what we have for you: 

Harmonious Heart Silver Necklace

Mandevilla Silver Earrings

Chloe Silver Bracelet

The Go-getter 

Sleek, sophisticated and sensible– three magic words that describe the style of the go-getter woman entrepreneur, boss, or working lady. If this is you, cop pieces that fit with and add a little polish to your daily getup. Take some inspo from these picks: 

Echinacea Silver Stack Ring

Speranza Hexagon Silver Microstud Earrings Set

Crissy Silver Bracelet with Round Snake Chain

The Mother 

She may or may not have birthed a child, but if she MOTHERS, then she obviously counts. Timeless and ethereal pieces are what she’s all about, because she’s the stable, supportive energy that binds families and friend groups. Spoil her with these selections: 

Margaret Silver Stud Earrings

Silver Square Earrings and Necklace Set

Triangle Zirconia Earrings and Necklace Set

Love them? Get them. Shop only at . Cheers to the woman you are!