Divine Collection

Proclaim your faith with the Divine Collection. Wear these pieces as a reminder of your devotion every day.
Classic Cross Bangle
Puff Heart with Cross Diamond Cut Cable Chain Necklace
Cross Necklace
Zirconia Cross Necklace
Vintage Cross Multilayered Bracelet
Dancing Gem Cross Design Necklace
Cross Design with Diamond on End Necklace
Puff Heart with Cross Pendant
Anne Filigree Flower Cross Charm Silver Pendant
Oval Chain Bracelet with Drop Cross Charm
Cross with Diagonal Square Zirconia Pendant - Cross Pendant
Sold Out
Mother Mary and Jesus Christ in Round Mop Pendant
Cross with Jesus Christ Charm
Cross with Zirconia Bracelet
Heart With Cross Pendant
Cross Drop Earcuff
Cross with Diamond on End Design Necklace
Cable Chain with 3 Grid Cross Bracelet
Puff Cross Charm
Akasha Silver Cross Charm with Cubic Zirconia
Cross with Jesus ALEXANDRA Pendant
Polished Pointed Cross Pendant
Silverworks Black Enemel with Jesus Cross Sign Charm - C5006