4 Summer Outfit Colors That Go Best With Silver Jewelry

When putting together summer looks, your choice of outfit hues always matters. A pop of bright color is a no-fail way to add interest and contrast to your getup, and accessorizing with vibrant statement earrings, necklaces and rings is undoubtedly the easy way to do it. Doing it in reverse– bright outfit base and monotone jewelry–can be just as stylish. 

Silver may be too cool (-toned) for the summer, but it works just as well with the right colors. We name 4 that you may want to dress in this season. 

Royal, Baby and Navy Blue 

Three shades, yes, but they count as one color, so we’re not cheating here. Blue is a cool color, and so is silver, meaning they complement each other easily. Different shades of blue also give off different vibes: the richer variations can be more dressy, while the lighter one seems more laidback. Blue and silver go together as a foolproof color combo in our book. 

Bright Purple 

If you want to up the boldness in your summer palette, then turn up the brightness on this hot and cold color. Purple has just the right amount of warmth to contrast your silver accents and not clash with them. Intimidated by this color? Pair with layered silver necklaces to neutralize, or dress down with a denim jacket, and pair with simple stud earrings. 

Emerald Green 

Holiday outfits won’t be complete without this majestic shade. Emerald green is a favorite jewel tone for swim and formal wear, and is perfect for the au naturel chic summer vibe. Cool enough not to clash, yet warm enough to contrast, this color with silver works like a dream. 

All Shades of Beige 

For our ladies out there who aren’t fans of color, we see you. Beige is our answer: it is a neutral color and surely a wardrobe staple for you. It’s the ideal canvas for any bold or minimal jewelry and accessory, so of course beige makes the list. All shades of beige make the list. 

What do you think of these color picks to pair your silver accessories with? Would you wear them? Hope you will, coz we know we would.