Season of Solemnity: Points to Ponder This Holy Week

Whether or not you subscribe to the Catholic-Christian way of faith, the Holy Week is a welcome annual break from the daily grind. It’s a time for solemn reflection, which makes it the perfect opportunity to unplug and introspect. The few days off let you take a step back and put things into perspective. What do you want to reflect on during this season of solemnity?

Here are a few points to ponder on. 

Life So Far

What have you been up to, and how are things going? How do you feel about them? What consists of a great week, and what consists of a not-so-good one? What little things make your day, and what dampens your spirit? So far, regardless of how life has been, you are swimming along quite well. It’s reason enough to be grateful. 


If life has been smooth-sailing, wins are easy to celebrate. If things have been rough, however, they’re more challenging to remember and imbibe. Hit pause to look back at your smallest and biggest wins, from when you opened your eyes this morning, to when you have gotten the well-deserved promotion a few days back, to when you have made it through a week without buying a cup of iced coffee. Little things that aren’t promised but you were able to do count as wins.  


As you celebrate the joys of winning, you also grieve losses that you may not have had the opportunity to acknowledge and process. During a time of rest and reflection, you don’t need to hold back on what you are feeling about hardships you encountered. In your solitude, no one can tell you that a hurt is just a minor thing; in this season of solemnity, a hurt is to be faced and felt in its entirety, without the judgment of others. 

Graces You’ve Gotten 

Graces are always present in one’s life. Surely there’s that one moment when you thought your money won’t be enough to cover the fare for your daily commute, and yet it wound up being the exact amount. There might have been a day when you asked for an extension for a tight deadline under your breath, and, as if on cue, your boss announced that it will be so. Graces are gifts of help from the Universe. Relish on what you have received so far. 

Life Moving Forward 

Given what currently is, what are you hopeful for in the coming days? Envision your dream life, and put each detail into words, in writing. Say a prayer for everything you hope will come to fruition, and trust that it will be so, in due time. 

This Holy Week, divine guidance is surely more present than ever before. Take the time to reflect and ponder on the mundane and the divine-inspired. See how life has moved you, and continue to move you, before, during and beyond the Holy Week.