Fab in Florals: 5 Flower Jewelries for a Feisty Queen

Jewelries are a woman’s fashion must-have. Throw them on, and they can change your entire vibe. Floral-themed accessories easily complement any aesthetic by lending a romantic, feminine touch to your getup. Even as a feisty, tough-as-nails kind of gal, you can count on flower designs to soften any look, and even any mood. 

Here are 5 fab picks you can cop for that blooming look. 

Fairy Core Glam

If you’re hosting or speaking in a work-related function, keep your getup smart with sleek dresses and tailored pieces. Add a wispy, fairy core element to a business outfit with a pair of drop earrings. This balances a structured outfit by lending flow, movement and shine to your look. Not to mention, it complements a high bun or ponytail by framing your face. 

Fuss-free Fiery

If you’re partial to athleisure ‘fits or slouchy lounge pieces that work well for your active lifestyle, dress up the relaxed look with a pair of low-key stud earrings. Studs are a practical accessory for when you’re going for a jog or a bike ride; you almost forget that they’re there. They sure are, and do they make your getup look a fair bit cuter.  

Blooming Boss Babe

Keeping your days dotted with business meetings and going about the daily grind? The go-getting boss babe can certainly do with an elegant bling that makes a statement, without looking over the top. Rings are a great go-to, and the rose design is a tasteful touch. 


Romantic Rocker Chic

Leather or faux leather tops and bottoms and monochromatic band tees scream rocker chic. Break that strong getup a bit by incorporating romantic pieces. A necklace that lends a pop of color gives contrast to your look, without taking away from the rocker vibe. 

Daring Meets Dainty

Skin-baring yet sophisticated? Achievable. Pair a dainty necklace with a low neckline to highlight those collarbones and take your look from bare to elegant. A classy neckpiece can make such a huge difference; try it for yourself. 

Inside of even the feistiest queens, is one sweet, strong and fabulous female. We rounded up 5 of our favorite flower-themed accessories from our Her Femininity collection. Celebrate your feminine side, in style.