Last-Minute Presents With Personal Touches

We’re down to the final few days before Christmas, and if you’re still at a loss for gift ideas, then you came to the right place. Choosing unique presents that will NOT end up in the “regifting” pile can be so easy; you just have to know what to get, and where and how to get it. We round up our best last-minute personal, heartfelt presents here: 

Name Jewelry 

Item + name = personalized. So, what sets a personal gift apart from a simply personalized one? The choice of item can really up your gift giving game. In itself, jewelry is already intimate and sentimental. Adding one’s name on it makes it all the more so. There’s a full range of options when it comes to personalizing jewelry, from simple engraving, to embossing, to custom name or initial shaping, to a full-on made to order piece. 

Explore and shop here.  

Handmade Goodies 

If you’re not up to the item+name combo, trying your hand in crafting your own gifts may be a viable option. This is a no-brainer, too, if you’re one crafty girl or guy. Anything handmade already has your personal touch, literally and figuratively. Try baking a batch of yummy cookies or cupcakes, and wrap them up in cute gift boxes to make them season-appropriate. Or, make simple illustrated greeting cards and stickers that w

Creative Messages 

This Christmas, if your heart is all you have to give, then go for it. With a little bit of creativity, you can make it memorable and one of a kind. A heartfelt letter can get even more personal when voiced over a photo montage. A USB drive containing albums upon albums of memories in photos and videos is also a surprising, thoughtful and deeply personal gift. 

Messages need not be said outright to be conveyed effectively. Touch on feelings with a carefully curated playlist that sums up all your moments with your friend, S.O., or family members this year. You may also host a night-in watch party of your favorite Christmas flick with your constants, post-Christmas, to spare them from the holiday rush traffic. Great memories with great company are a gift, after all, and one that’s truly worth giving. 

The holiday season is as busy as ever, so if you’re down to the last few days before the big festivities, but want to give out your best, most heartfelt gifts, just the same, here are the ways to do it. Hope it helps you and your loved ones give and feel all the love this Christmas.