Maligayang Malamig na Pasko: Celebrate YOU This Holiday

Malamig ba ang Pasko mo? Everyone knows that this is code for “are you single and lonely?” Being single during what should be the happiest time of the year, though often thought to mean that one isn’t happy, can be a blast. How to have a malamig at maligayang Pasko? We let you in on some tips. 

Dress Up for YOU 

Indulge the fashionista in you by taking advantage of the festivities–THE BEST REASON TO DRESS UP FOR ALL THE GOOD REASONS. Think, #ootd, #feedgoals, #sheesh. With or without an S.O., showing up garbed and glammed to the gods is a surefire way to up your confidence levels and set a positive mood throughout the occasion. 

Wear what flatters you best and makes you feel most comfortable. Top even the simplest getup with merry and bright blings to take your looks, and disposition, several notches up. 

“Crash”, and Rock, a Party 

Uninvited and unexpected doesn’t always mean unwelcome. Every big friend group has that one person who seems to be remotely acquainted with pretty much everyone. If you happen to be mutuals with that person, you’ll catch wind of their house party, which your mutuals will badger you into crashing. Which you’ll eventually crash. And rock. Bring out your adventurous side by dancing and drinking the night away with newfound friends, and possibly, flings. 

Hole Up for a Solid “Me” Time

If the nightlife and parties aren’t up your alley, hole up comfortably in your room for a quality “me” time. Play your favorite songs and flicks, and keep cozy with a cup of chocolate or tea, or your go-to iced coffee drink. A night-in can be just as memorable as a night out. 

Shop ‘Til You Drop (Without Breaking the Bank)

Done shopping for gifts for your loved ones? Make sure to not leave yourself out. Set aside some of that 13th month pay for a well-deserved shopping spree. Which is not to say you splurge on impulse buys; indulge on well thought out purchases that you won’t regret days, weeks, or months after you hit the checkout counter (or button, if you’re doing it online). 

If you’re enticed by promos during the holiday rush, take your time to go through the fine print to avoid surprise charges. Shopping ‘til you drop is a well-deserved indulgence. And shopping smartly is self-love. 

Malamig na Pasko can still be MALIGAYA. The fun of the season is how you spend it, with or without an S.O. Maligayang malamig na Pasko!