GOTCHA! Capture Your Love Story With Jewelry

After a very long January, we’re finally saying hello to the love month. What better way to welcome February with our favorite love language: giving and receiving gifts? And, what better gifts to give than precious pieces you can wear close to your heart, and style in many different ways? 

If you’re looking for jewelry that captures your love story, then SilverWorks got you. Our Valentine release is sure to catch hearts. Here are a few favorites that capture ours: 

Gotcha Rings 

If you’re big on KDrama, then you’re surely no stranger to this hand gesture. Cute, sweet and current, it definitely screams “LOVE”, especially as a ring design. SilverWorks’ Gotcha rings are minimalist and quirky at the same time. What’s more, it’s a cool way to say “I got you” to your loved ones. 

Gotcha got its name from the expression, “Got you”. It’s something you say to assure your loved one that you have their back and, depending on the context, that you caught them by surprise. Valentine’s is the season for love and surprises, and saying “I got you” is a non-cheesy way to give both. A ring or a pair of rings in that design captures the love, stylishly. Oh, and did we forget to mention it comes in a necklace, too?

Check them out here: 

Shop here: Gotcha Ladies' Silver Ring, Php1290 Gotcha Silver Men's Silver Ring, Php 990

Shop here: Gotcha Silver Necklace, P1100

Harmonious Heart Silver Necklace 

Hands that catch your heart and sit close to your heart, are what this necklace design is. This piece is a classy charmer perfect for lending a dressy touch to even the most casual looks. Following the hand heart design, this time, with a shiny CZ center, nothing says “I got your heart” better than this.

Shop here: Harmonious Heart Silver Necklace, P1290

Fancy this in a gold hue? Check the gold-plated Heartlandia.

Shop here: Heartlandia Silver Necklace, P1290


Pink Collection 

If you’re up for the best Galentine day or night out on the 14th, get pretty in pink with the heavy favorites from our Pink Collection. Cop doll-like visuals with rosy CZ-in-silver pieces that’s a balance of dainty and statement-making. Get matching with your ladies; dance the night away in the prettiest, preppiest way. Check out the collection here: 

Shop the Pink Collection here. 

Valentine’s is a celebration of ALL kinds of love. SilverWorks is the place to go to find the jewelry pieces that will celebrate and capture your love. Shopping for your Valentine jewelry pieces? Of course, we got you.