Your Feelings: Forever Engraved

Feelings change, but shared love is forever. The best thing is that it’s yours to keep. This love month, have your S.O. wear those feelings out: close to their heart, hands, etc. Make them personal and forever with engraving services and custom jewelry options from SilverWorks. 

The key to a heartfelt engraved jewelry memento? Keep your message subtle, symbolic, short and sweet. Here are a few tips on how you can make fleeting feelings forever wearable and memorable. 

Keep it Subtle 

Subtlety is the key to wearability. Veer away from sappy lines and over-the-top symbols, and go instead with monograms or words that hold a significant meaning to both of you. Brush up on your Filipino and regional dialects, as some words hit differently when in the vernacular. Some popular examples are “Puhon”, which means “in God’s time” in Cebuano, and “Tinatangi”, which means “beholden” in Tagalog. In keeping with the subtlety, pair the word with a thin, handwritten-like font. 

Keep it Symbolic

If words don’t cut it, say it with a picture. Surprise your S.O. with your first date photo engraved on your chosen jewelry. Or, let your bestie know just how proud you are of them with a piece that has their milestone photo, e.g., birth of their first child, recovery from an illness, etc., on it. The idea is creating something that only the two of you know about. That makes it more heartfelt and unique.

Keep it Short and Sweet 

You can’t fit an entire love letter to a piece of jewelry. Short and sweet is the way to go. A one-liner with two to three words can fit into a pendant, just enough for your favorite pickup line, joke, or pet name. Short and sweet make for a neat design with an instant recall once worn and read. This will also be a great conversation piece you can wear out on a date. 

Already have an engraving request in mind? Great! When it comes to the jewelry selections, SilverWorks got you. Check out our range of engravable pieces that will keep those feelings of love, for keeps, forever.