What better way to show off your jewelry than to take a great selfie? And if you need some inspiration for your next jewelry selfie—like tips on posing, what background suits best, etc., read on. With these five (5) clever tips, you will be upping your jewelry selfie game in no time.    

Tip 1: Clean jewelry

Before you snag the perfect selfie, make sure to clean your jewelry. You can give your pieces a quick clean or wipe down so they sparkle for your photos. SilverWorks has a Silver Polishing Cream, and it even comes with a cleaning cloth for easier cleaning of your accessories.

Tip 2: Proper lighting

Good lighting is key for taking sharp photos. Natural light is always ideal as it will highlight your skin and help the pieces pop. If natural light is unavailable, any well-lit area can work too. Just avoid dark rooms that make photos lean grainy as well as harsh shadows that can be unflattering.

Tip 3: An interesting backdrop

Your backdrop should be eye-catching, but it should not pull the attention away from your jewelry. Try experimenting with outdoor spaces, or maybe try for a selfie with your feet in the frame—pop on a cute pair of shoes or sandals to add more fun! 

Tip 4: The pose

Try experimenting with different poses and make sure to focus the shot on the pieces so that the eye is drawn to them. Try a shot of your neckline to focus on necklaces or your wrist to capture your bracelet stack. When layering pieces, try to spread them across instead of letting them bunch up together. 

Hand selfies are the perfect way to show off your rings. Keep your hand relaxed and try to capture natural movements such as your hand holding a cup of coffee or simply resting on your chin. 

Tip 5: The flat lay

To create the most effortless lifestyle images or flat lays, you can use everyday objects such as plates, mirrors, and plants as props. You can even lay your jewelry on the pages of your favorite book. Everyday objects will create a personal touch to the images. 

Lastly, remember the rule of odds! Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye when it comes to flat lays, so stick to an odd number of pieces in the photo.

Bonus tips:

  • Morning light appears more cool-toned, making it ideal for photographing silver jewelry and gemstones. 
  • The "golden hour" or "magic hour" (the last hour before sunset) gives a warm glow that is perfect for accentuating gold-toned jewelry.
  • Jewelry photographs better against the skin than on fabric. For your next jewelry selfie, try dusting on some highlighter for a soft glow to the skin.
  • When taking close-up shots, tap your phone screen on the part of the image you want to be in focus. Make sure to hold your phone steady when taking a close-up shot. This will help you take nice and sharp images. 

With these tips, snapping the perfect jewelry selfie shouldn't be too difficult. All you need is a smartphone/camera, your favorite jewelry, and some creativity! And here's our fave reminder: the key to taking the perfect selfies is to have fun.

Now that you know these top selfie-taking tips, you can go out and wow your feed with your next jewelry selfies!