A POP OF COLOR WORKS: Styling Your OOTD With Colorful Pieces

There’s no reason you can’t add a pop of color to any outfit. In fact, it’s often a great way to inject personality into a look. Colorful looks are also perfect during the summer months. Summer means gearing up for beach trips, getaways with friends and family, and lots of chances to enjoy the outdoors. It's also the perfect time to put a little pep into your wardrobe. But sometimes you don’t want to be too bold with a pop. You want to be just right and make sure it stands out enough without being overpowering. Keep on scrolling for ways to do just that! 

How to Style Your Ootd With Colorful Pieces

  1. To wear a pop of color, start with a monochromatic ensemble (all black or white, for example). This will help set the tone for the rest of your outfit. Then add in a pop of color by using accessories. A bright belt, scarf, or necklace is a great way to add color and life to your look.

A bright accessory can make all the difference!


  1. If your outfit is anything but neutral, yes, you can still wear a pop of color. Sometimes a pop of color is needed to add more excitement to your look. This especially applies if the design of your ‘fit is too plain for your mood. The key to adding the right pop is to ensure that the colors go well with each other. Experiment with different color combinations and patterns.

Make sure you have the proper accessories to accompany your outfit.


  1. Adding a pop of color doesn’t only work for clothes; you can also elevate your styling game by adding color to your jewelry wardrobe. If you’re someone who loves stacking silver jewelry, why not add a pop of color? Doing so will add more interest to your jewelry stacks and prevent your jewelry from looking bulky or heavy.

This yellow leatherette bracelet will add a hint of color to your arm party!


  1. When adding a pop of color to an outfit, make sure that the item of clothing fits well. When buying clothes or accessories, you want to feel comfortable, look good, and be able to wear them with ease. Also, if you think that your frame won’t be able to carry the outfit, then you need to rethink it and find something else that looks more flattering, AKA proportionate to your size.

Dainty bracelets complement smaller wrists nicely and make any look appear more polished.


  1. You want to keep the look balanced and put together. Just one to two statement pieces should do the trick. And if you go a step further and add a bit more color, be sure it fits with the rest of the ensemble.

This set of 5 comes in different colors so you can always find a pair that will perfectly match your outfit.


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