Celebrating Singleness: 5 Linyahan ng Mga Single and How to Turn them Around

The year is 2022, and the month is November: we've been celebrating Singles’ Day, even stretching it out to Singles’ Month, for a while now. While singleness doesn’t raise eyebrows anymore as much as it used to, it doesn’t mean single folks are immune to feeling certain ways about their relationship status. If you’re one yourself, we’re sure you’ve busted a hugot or two or more about not being anyone’s babe. 

Want more linyahan, and ways on how to turn those sentiments around? Here are 5 of our favorites. 

Sa paggisa, hindi pala dapat bawang ang inuuna. Sarili pala. 

Why you say it: Because they put you last, and so did you.

Turn it around: Recently, a post saying “practise your love language on yourself” went viral. Do that. While putting yourself first is more than celebratory treats and daily affirmations, it won’t hurt to have them, especially if gifts and words of affirmation are your love languages. If it’s quality time, a well-deserved weekend off in a hotel or resort is the way to go.

Sana all…

Why you say it: Out of wishful thinking and hoping that you’ll have your shot at romance, too. 

Turn it around: No shame in wanting the good things. If you feel like it’s time to go for it, then get moving at your own pace. Find opportunities to organically get to know the person you’re eyeing; no rush, no pressure, no expectations. Whether or not things go as hoped, appreciate the good things happening for you and others around you. And, keep your heart open to plot twists other than romance. 

Buti pa ang kape, matapang. Kaya akong ipaglaban. 

Why you say it: Sadly, they did not fight for you. 

Turn it around: Find someone who will, and more importantly, BE someone who will. Learn from the issues of your past relationship or situationship. Were you a human doormat? Take your singleness as a time to build your confidence to speak and stand for yourself. Then, you’ll have someone na ipaglalaban ka. At pagtitimpla ka ng kape. 

Strong, independent woman niyo, pagod na. 

Why you say it: Because it’s true. 

Turn it around: Being strong and independent doesn’t mean you never get tired or are not yearning for your own lovelife. It’s perfectly fine, and even healthy, to give in to rest and wishful thinking. So, let yourself feel the emotions. Let your closest friends in on your sentiments; sometimes, all it takes are safe spaces and listening ears to feel less burdened. 

Ang iba, maganda ang lovelife. Ako, maganda lang. 

Why you say it: Because it’s true. 

Turn it around: No need. Keep at it, girl. Maganda ka, maganda ang lovelife ng iba. Win-win.  

However you may feel about being unattached, may your singleness season be a reminder that you’re where you have to be and that the best is yet to come. Regardless if it comes with a babe or not. Idaan na lang sa linyahan ‘yan. Cheers to you!