How to Sparkle in Silver and Gold

When it comes to jewelry, it’s known that gold is for warm skin tones and silver suits cool tones best. When it comes to accessorizing and styling pieces with confidence, there are ways to rock both, whether you’re morena or tisay. And, it all boils down to understanding and complementing your personal aesthetic. For starters, here are 4 tips to get your sparkle on, in silver and gold. 


By definition, skin tone is the surface skin color, whereas skin undertone is the subtle hue underneath the surface. So, your skin tone may be fair, and your undertone may be yellow or on the warm side. It’s typically the undertone which determines the colors that work for you.

Find your skin’s correct undertone by holding up your inner wrist to the light. If your veins are green, then your skin is more likely on the warm undertone. Wearing gold pieces will complement you best. If the veins appear blue or purple, then you have a cool undertone,  and silver is likely the way to go when accessorizing. And some who are olive-skinned, are in the neutral undertones and can pull off both silver and gold.


Now that you know which suits you best, do not throw away silver or gold pieces just yet! You can still enjoy both your silvers and golds, regardless of your undertone—and this is where clothing comes in. 

Spice up your warm-hued clothes: browns, emerald, cranberry red, navy, old rose, reds, oranges and neutrals like beiges and khakis, with gold pieces. Finish-up a bohemian or nautical or vintage #ootd by layering with versatile gold hoop earrings and dainty layered necklaces. 

Top off a muted, pastel and cool neutal color palette—baby blue, lavender, mint green, black, gray, navy blue, with silver accessories. A silver statement ring or a pair of diamond earrings can instantly tie together a basic look into something more sophisticated.


In makeup, our choices of shades lie heavily on our skin’s undertone, and so naturally, our choices of jewelry will follow. If your make-up consists of rich, warm colours, gold jewelry sets are perfect to complete the look. If you’re going with cooler colors for your makeup, match with silver jewelry. 


A pair of dangling earrings or chunkier studs will make a sleek up-do more elegant. And for days you decide to wear your hair down, add sophistication and a feminine touch with a pair of gemstone studs or vibrant tassel earrings. 

There you have it—a few tips to help you make both silver and gold work for you. Try them or just simply enjoy picking your preferred hue for the day, and sparkle away, anyway. 

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