We all know jewelry is an essential item that you'll find in every fashion lover's stash. Jewelry can instantly amp up a 'fit, add a bit of extra drama, and make your look uniquely your own. And with the wide variety of high-quality, trendy, and affordable jewelry options available nowadays, it's incredibly easy to grow and expand your collection. Even for the fashion minimalists among us, over time, we all tend to clutter our closets & drawers by continuously adding pieces.

Think the struggle is real when it comes to organizing and storing your growing jewelry collection? We feel you! Keep in mind that proper storage and organization can prolong the life of your jewelry, add a decorative element to your space, and make it easy to visualize the pieces you have in your collection. 

And with these easy hacks, you can keep your jewelry collection protected, organized, and clutter-free. 

Get your Marie Kondo on 

Before you begin organizing your jewelry, you might want to inspect your collection for damaged pieces or those you no longer wear (i.e., those that don't spark joy anymore). You could choose to repair or toss damaged items, whereas if the jewelry is still in great condition, you could pass it on to your sis or consider selling it online.

This is also a great time to clean and polish your jewelry so the pieces are ready to wear before you store them. SilverWorks has a Silver Polishing Cream, and it even comes with a cleaning cloth for easier cleaning of your accessories.

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 Keep your jewelry collection accessible 

Placing your jewelry where they can be seen means you'll wear them more often. For easy access, organize your fave, everyday jewelry in plain sight. You could keep necklaces knot-free by hanging them on individual wall hooks or knobs. Small decorative trays or dishes strategically placed near your closet are great for storing and displaying rings, bangles, or earrings. Just make sure the dish is big enough so that the pieces do not rub or scratch one another.

Sort your jewelry into categories

You could store similar items together, such as all bracelets together and all necklaces together. This will make it easy to see all of the options right next to each other (which will come in handy while you get dressed and ready). But you shouldn't just toss all similar pieces in a pile. Depending on the style, size, and shape–some types of jewelry may need to be sorted and kept in different storage containers.  

Assign a jewelry drawer

Designate a drawer in your closet or bedroom for organizing jewelry. Use a drawer organizer with various-sized compartments to sort necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other baubles into the separate slots. Look for jewelry trays or repurpose colorful trays and dividers to customize the drawer according to your storage needs.

Get an acrylic organizer

Step up your jewelry storage game with an acrylic organizer. Acrylic organizers are durable, inexpensive, and easily available. They allow for tidy, practical organization for your jewelry while looking chic and fancy.

This year, reach for your organizing goals with our tips and ideas for organizing and storing jewelry. And rememberit doesn't have to be a chore. Have fun with the process!