When speaking about romantic engagements, weddings, or even couples’ anniversaries, more often than not, rings are mentioned as a centerpiece of each event.

As love is beautiful and unique between couples, they may choose what kind of rings theirs would be: commitment rings, engagement rings, or promise rings. The list goes on.

For couples, rings are not just an accessory or jewelry; More than its value and worth, it is the representation of their love and affection and that’s why it is important to choose the best kind and type of ring that symbolizes their commitment and dedication to each other.

When choosing couple rings, the top two choices are Gold and Silver. Little do they know that there is another option that is becoming the go-to-choice of partners for unique yet timeless bands: Tungsten.

Tungsten metal is rated at about a nine on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness and only a Diamond, which is the hardest substance on earth and the only thing that can scratch tungsten, is rated at a 10.


While Tungsten rings are the popular choice for men and women opt for either gold or platinum rings, here are some of the reasons Tungsten is more fitting for couple rings:

  • Tungsten carbide is the most scratch-resistant metal known to man and is two to three times harder than titanium and cobalt chrome.
  • Tungsten carbide jewelry is affordable and has a nice weight to it, similar to gold and platinum.
  • Tungsten rings are quick and easy to remove from your finger in case of medical emergency - even easier than gold.
  • Tungsten does not bend out of shape due to its hardness, so in case of any accident, the ring will not become deformed and injure your finger further.
  • People with allergies to gold jewelry can wear tungsten jewelry because it is naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Tungsten wedding bands come in a natural gunmetal grey color, but they can be plated black, white or even gold colors.

SilverWorks’ Tungsten couple and wedding bands are usually composed of 87% Tungsten and 12% Nickel and 1% Chromium, which are optimal for scratch resistance and durability. These Tungsten pieces are also hypoallergenic, so they are perfect for all skin types.

We all should yearn for a love as strong as Tungsten that will stand the test of time. Make sure to get SilverWorks Chemistry Tungsten Rings before kneeling on a knee and popping the question!