Daughter's Dearest: 5 Ways Dads Are the Standard

Dads are their daughters’ first loves. From how he’s always there to pick her up and drop her off, to how he manages to crack her up even with his stern one-liners, dad’s presence just hits different. As we celebrate Father’s Day this June, we count the ways dad sets the standard for the man in his daughter’s life.

The Way He Shows Up 

The first man who shows up to care for a girl is her father. Biological or not, it’s who’s there who gets to be called and honored as her dad. Raising children is no easy feat, and a man who chooses to do that everyday, regardless of how preoccupied he may be with work and other responsibilities, is no doubt, one to emulate. 

The Way He Steps Up

When a man chooses to become a dad, he inevitably steps up into the role. His priorities change, and so does his lifestyle, all in the name of putting his children first. While he’s still up for a fun time with friends, the father-daughter day in school takes the permanent slot in his calendar. Game nights take a backseat when he needs to put the baby to sleep, never mind that he barely caught a wink. 

The Way He Protects

Getting home safe, everyday, is a must. Dad goes through great lengths to make sure of that. From picking his babies up and dropping them off especially when they’re running late, to nonstop reminders to bring umbrellas, wear facemasks and always keep the pepper spray handy, dad is one to protect, whenever, wherever and however. 

The Way He Attacks 

No one messes with his family, especially with his queen and princess. If someone dares to break his little girl’s heart, his baby will see him handle the heartache with her. It’s not about bad mouthing or giving the culprit a good, even well-deserved, beating. It’s more about making sure his daughter knows her worth and has everything she needs to recover from the heartbreak. With dad, the squad and the rest of her loving fam, she’s got it all. 

The Way He Loves 

Many times, dads are depicted as not showy with affection. That doesn’t mean they’re not generous with it. How they treat their partners speaks volumes of how they love; whether they’re the fairytale prince romantic type or the quiet ride or die kind of guy, their daughter takes cues from how he shows his love. Whether or not she knows it, that becomes her basis for what she wishes to have from her future partner. 

Dad is the first man in his daughter’s life. The example he sets is the standard his daughter will set for the man who will be in her life forever. To our dads who set the bar high, thank you, and we love you. Happy Father’s Day!