• Daughter's Dearest: 5 Ways Dads Are the Standard

    Dads are their daughters’ first loves. From how he’s always there to pick her up and drop her off, to how he manages to crack her up even with his stern one-liners, dad’s presence just hits different. As we celebrate Father’s Day this June, we count the ways dad sets the standard for the man in h...
  • Kick Off Your Mother's Day Celebration with These Bops

    Forget Mother’s Day; we all know that it’s a month-long celebration that calls for our daily appreciation of THE woman in our life: MOM. Looking to add fun to the occasion? These mom-themed bops may just do the trick. Play, dance and sing along to these tracks to celebrate mom, her way.  Mother ...
  • Her First Jewelry and What It Meant

    Beyond the sparkle it adds to one’s everyday looks, jewelry holds a special place in one’s heart. And, the first is surely one of the dearest. What’s your first jewelry, and what did it mean to you? Share it with us.